About Us

The Presidency Office in Lebanon in 1938, the Presidency Office, the Ministry of the Interior, the Office of Internal Relations. Professor Albert Adeeb was the first radio director for the Arabic department and with him appointed the great poet Saeed Akl as an Arabic broadcaster

In April 1946, the Lebanese government received official protocols during the era of President Sheikh Bechara El-Khoury, and it was attached to the Ministry of News and Tourism under the name of the Lebanese Radio Station, and Mr. Muhammad Sabra was appointed as Director of Propaganda, Publishing and Radio

The foundation stone for the Great Lebanese Radio House was laid in the Sanayeh district in January 1958 under President Camille Chamoun, when the German company Siemens implemented the radio project, which included 7 studios, a record library and a transmission station in Amchit

The radio was equipped with new equipment supplied and installed by the Swiss company Studer, and the inauguration ceremony of these studios was completed and work began in the era of President Emile Lahoud in 2007. It operates in two waves 98.1 and 98.5 FM

As for the recordings library in Radio Lebanon, it is considered one of the most important radio libraries in the Middle East, as it contains thousands of programs and musical and lyrical recordings of major Lebanese, Arab and foreign artists and singers who went through its golden history and registered in its studios, and left their mark on its air

The Lebanese Radio operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Information and is a member of the Arab States Broadcasting Union of the Arab League

Radio Lebanon is the entire radio station of Lebanon, you can follow through its air a variety of cultural programs, distinctive dramas and songs, and news bulletins transmitted to the listeners from the heart of the event, while keeping up with everything that is happening in Lebanon and the world. And all of this is done with objectivity, transparency, credibility and professionalism. You can also listen daily to the most beautiful periods of live broadcast, presented by the most important professional media professionals, who shed light on all modern cultural, social and artistic activities, and conduct direct and meaningful interviews that contribute to building knowledge with specialists in all medical, cultural and artistic fields

The Lebanese Radio, this ancient national radio, the pride and pride of Lebanon, in which the elders of Lebanon worked and visited by art giants in Lebanon and the Arab world, it was and will remain the mother radio distinguished by its giving, vitality and renewal thanks to its curators and good management, and the keenness of its workers on the functioning of the work, and the efforts of the creators Those who prepare its valuable programs

Radio Lebanon is to serve every citizen and a platform for everyone within responsible freedom and on the territory of the entire nation.

Radio Lebanon is under the supervision of

Minister of Information: Mr. Ziad Al Makari
General Director: Dr. Hassan Fallha
Radio Director: Mr. Muhammad Gharib
Program Director: Mrs. Rita Noujaim El Roumi
Head of Technical Department: Eng. Louis Riachi
Chief of the Court: Mr. Walid Fleiti

Technical Supervision: Mrs. Malak Qassem